Head of Engineering

HYPHY is Hiring an Engineering Leader!

HYPHY is a fast-paced, globally distributed fabless semiconductor start-up that is commercialising revolutionary video transport IP capable of >10X the throughput of conventional transports with less than 1/10th the silicon. Having proven its patented Spread Spectrum Video Transport (SSVT™) technology and secured an 8-figure Series A investment, the company is preparing to exit stealth mode with high-profile demonstrations with display market leaders.

Position:  Head of Engineering

Hiring Manager: CEO

Required experience includes leading the implementation of VLSI-based video systems with custom PCBAs including FPGAs, and integrating video systems. Some knowledge of Spread-Spectrum CDMA communications is desirable.  

Skills include:

  • Experience in digital and analog electronics circuit design and implementation
  • Knowledge of video signal processing / analysis
  • Project budgeting and scheduling
  • Good team-player capable of leading multi-skilled project teams producing high-quality results
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced startup environment
  • A lead-by-example style in motivating and directing your team
  • Direct, concise, and respectful communication capabilities
  • A sense of urgency

Initial Responsibilities include:

  • Adapt HYPHY’s 4K60 FPGA-based test system for verification of HYPHY’s display panel source driver full-custom CMOS VLSI (“HY1002”)
  • Recruit and lead teams of VLSI and system-level mixed-signal, RF, and PCB designers to implement 8K solutions
  • Lead development of electronics hardware for driving 4K and 8K displays

Educational background: EE or related

The successful candidate will work with USA, Chinese, Australian, and Israeli entities.

The successful candidate will be hired in their current location and both recruit and manage their local engineering team for laboratory bench-top testing.

As a globally distributed company since inception in 2015, HYPHY fully leverages remote collaboration, and HYPHY allows for a work-from-home model. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to grow the engineering team in their current location.

Compensation Expectations:

Market cash compensation and benefits, plus a meaningful stock option grant.

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 Here is a list of the people involved in this particular recruitment process:

Core Recruitment Team: 

     Dennis McDonald, Advisor

     Tony Pullen, Process Controller 


Hiring Manager: CEO

Technical Advisor: Rob Hannebauer, Technical Leader 

Kibbitzer: Todd Rockoff, CEO