High-Speed Baseband Signal Propagation Engineer

HYPHY is Hiring a Full-time Signal Propagation Engineer!

HYPHY is a fast-paced, globally distributed semiconductor start-up that is commercialising revolutionary Spread Spectrum Video Transport. SSVT carries 10X the video information through the same pipes with 1/10th the silicon. Having proven its patented technology, the company is preparing to exit stealth mode lighting up the largest, deepest colour 8K displays.

Position:  High-Speed Baseband Signal Propagation Engineer

Hiring Manager: VP System Engineering

Experienced RF engineer, design experience with DACs/ADCs, implementation and debugging.  

The ideal candidate is also familiar with principles of engineering video systems and communication over transmission lines.

Skills include:

  • 5+ years relevant industry experience in either discrete RF circuit design or discrete analogue circuit design
  • Experience in High-Speed transmission lines, modulation techniques and spread spectrum up to 2G
  • Proficiency using modeling and simulation software such as ADS and LTspice
  • Knowledge of linear, non-linear, A/D, D/A and power circuits
  • Bench prototyping skills, testing and debugging
  • Python (SciPy) programming – advantage
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong capabilities with project management and documentation

Responsibilities: We are looking for a Hardware Engineer with a broad design of RF and high speed systems, preferably with a background in video design, reporting to the Hardware Engineering manager and will be responsible for:

  • Design analogue and digital circuits
  • Design product functional blocks and choose appropriate components
  • Design and develop test methods
  • Write engineering documentation including requirements, architecture and design

Educational background: BSc in Electrical/Electronics, Communication Engineering or Applied Physics.

Must be qualified to work with USA, Australian, Chinese, and/or Singaporean entities.

HYPHY is a globally distributed company, relying on remote collaboration amongst uniquely talented and skilled people; HYPHY intends to support the successful applicant in their current location.

Compensation Expectations: Market, for this stage.

 Here is a list of the people involved in this particular recruitment process:

Core Recruitment Team: 

     Dennis McDonald, Advisor

     Tony Pullen, Process Controller 


Hiring Manager: Eyal Friedman; VP System Engineering

Technical Advisor: Rob Hannebauer, Technical Leader 

Kibbitzer: Todd Rockoff, CEO