A Better Way

Today, display driver engineers and system designers are struggling against a common problem – how to transmit large, high-resolution, deep-color video data payloads to displays while maintaining image quality and device performance.

Conventional approaches for carrying and converting digital signal to an analog display are inefficient and power-hungry, resulting in video transport solutions that have significant limitations.

HYPHY has developed a 10x better solution to solve the video transport problem

HYPHY‘s Spread Spectrum Video Transport (SSVTTM) uses innovative spread-spectrum modulation techniques to encode analog representations of video information. This highly bandwidth-efficient technology is capable of enabling 10x greater throughput of video information over much longer distances than existing methods.

In addition, HYPHY’s SSVT generates lower levels of EMI/RFI interference and exhibits greater resilience to narrow band noise than conventional solutions, while delivering high-resolution, high refresh rates and greater color-depth to the display.

Advantages of HYPHY’s SSVT

Superior image quality. High-resolution video and deep color with no compression provide exceptional TV image quality.

Very high refresh rates.  Display refresh rates of 8K288 or 4K576 offer a more responsive gaming experience.

Simplified display design.  Longer wires, fewer wire pairs, and fewer source driver chips deliver a more robust yet simplified display system.

Reduced EMI emissions. Utilizing spread spectrum techniques, signal energy is spread evenly across a wide band (DC to 380MHz), resulting in lower emissions.

HYPHY CEO, Todd Rockoff discusses the advantages of SSVT.